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The Film in Brief

A creative and innovative documentary film featuring environmental and indigenous elders and experts, who share their heartfelt message about the relationship we have with our planet. This message is interwoven with the symbolic, fictional journey of a 13 year-old boy - a council of world-leading climate change activists give advice on how to avert the global crisis we face.

Shot in the style of a music video with numerous musical collaborators involved, Wakan Tanka is scheduled for release in December of 2014.

Who Is Involved?

Wakan Tanka has been commissioned by the Institute for Sustainability Education & Action (I-SEA) a charitable non-profit based in Canada. I-SEA is working in partnership with UK-based non-profit A Purpose for Life Foundation. The film is co-produced by Substantial Films Ltd.

The production team for this exciting project consists of several key figures from the individual organisations involved, all working together for a sustainable future.

Our Organisations

The Project Team

How You Can Contribute

Help us finish Wakan Tanka!

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